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What's New?

Make a visit to my home gallery...just call 610-274-8390

My E-mail address:  Ruckart@comcast.net

Newest Originals:

Note: My very newest originals will premier at my next art show, before going on my web site

  • Meadowset Sheep
  • Perched on the Sycamore- SOLD - Prints available - Animals & Landscapes
  • An Autumn Morning Walk
  • Spring Brought Indoors - SOLD - Prints available - Florals
  • Peony in Phlox
  • Moonlit Beach
  • Sunlit Orchids 1 & 2
  • Breakfast for Belties
  • Ashland Winter Morning
  • Master's Daybed- Prints available - Animals
  • Chickadee in Magnolia
  • Sparrow in Cherry Blossoms
  • Reflecting on Winter's Beauty - SOLD - Prints available - Landscapes
  • Garden Path at Longwood
  • Orchids at Longwood - SOLD - Prints available - Florals
  • Fountain Flowers
  • Winterthurs Azalea Path - SOLD
  • Valley Garden Entrance in Fall -SOLD
  • Racoon Caught Red Handed- SOLD
  • A Simple Life?
  • Amaryllis - SOLD
  • Ashland Bridge Through the Sycamores
  • At Meadow's Edge
  • Autumn Sycamore
  • Barnyard Guards
  • Brandywine from the Mill
  • Lily Collection
  • Enjoying the First Warmth of Spring
  • Fall's Fuzzy Fields
  • Golden Reflections on the White Clay Creek
  • Hay Bale Haven
  • Henry Clay Mill in Late Autumn - SOLD, prints available - Local Landmarks
  • Hibiscus, Orange
  • Inner Glow - SOLD- Prints available - Florals
  • Last Light Along Hagley's Brandywine
  • Longwood's Cactus Room
  • Longwood's Meadow in Late October
  • Misty Marsh
  • Mt. Cuba's September Meadow
  • Oreo Cows - SOLD - Prints available - Animals
  • Potted Cabbage
  • Reflecting on the Hudson
  • Refreshing!
  • Rocky Waters- NFS, but a giclee on canvas is available
  • Swimming on Gold
  • Through the Mill Arch

Newest Print Releases:                           

  • Perched in the Sycamore  (Landscapes and Animals)
  • Reflecting on Winter's Beauty (Landscapes)
  • Master's Daybed (Animals)
  • Untouched Path (Landscapes)
  • Orchids at Longwood (Florals)
  • Sycamore By The Meeting House (Landscapes)
  • Rusty Rails (Landscapes)
  • Henry Clay Mill in Late Autumn (Local Landmarks)
  • Oreo Cows (Animals)
  • Passage Through the Old Foundation (Animals)
  • Inner Glow (Florals)
  • Reflecting on the Hudson (Landscapes)
  • Heading Home (Landscapes)
  • Beech Tree in November (Landscapes)
  • Roost Near Nivendel Farm (Landscapes)
  • Chester Hills Farm (Local Landmarks)
  • Barn Cat (Animals)
  • Hey MOO-ve Over (Landscapes)
  • Trout Season Opens (Landscapes)
  • An Ashland Autumn (Landscapes)
Special Orders

One of the advantages of giclee prints is that they can be ordered in any size. So, if you see one of my prints that you would prefer in a different size, please call or email me for a price quote. Also, giclee reproductions can be made on paper or on canvas.

New Painting Surfaces

Clayboard textured, and Daniel Smith's Watercolor Ground are two new alternative painting surfaces for watercolor. The finished paintings on these surfaces are coated with many coats of UV ray blocking archival varnish, then framed without glass.  The results are quite beautiful.  I hope you are able to view one of these at an upcoming show.

Another surface I am using is a multi media canvas called "Yes!" canvas. This canvas accepts watercolor, and I am painting with the opaque watercolor called gouache on it, then sealing it with the UV blocking varnish.

I am also taking some of my watercolors on paper and mounting the paper to sealed hardboard and covering it with 6 or more layers of UV blocking varnish. The paintings can then be framed without glass, yet still have the appearance of a watercolor.

Always Open, My Home Gallery

I have installed an art display system and new lighting in the lower level of my home to exhibit my work.  I keep a stock of framed prints and some originals displayed. Visits to the gallery are by appointment.  Call or e-mail me if you would like to drop by!

Kathy Ruck 113 Stoney Ridge Road, Landenberg, PA 19350 610-274-8390

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