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Commissioned Art

I accept commissions, price is determined on size and complexity.  I've done commissioned works of animals, including cats, dogs, and horses, and also homes, businesses, and people.  They make unique and personal gifts.  So, if you have a favorite place, person, or pet you wish to have immortalized into fine artwork, call me for a price quote.  On this page are some of the commissioned pieces I've created. SCROLL DOWN TO SEE MY LATEST COMMISSIONED PAINTINGS.

WILMINGTON UNIVERSITY: Wilmington University searched artists in the tri-state area to commission a painting of the University. I was chosen for the job and the finished painting of the University's Pratt Student Center is shown below. The original painting will be part of the University's permanent collection and hang in the President's office. Reproductions of the painting will be available for purchase in the Wilmington University's book store.

DIANE AND JERRY'S HOME:  Pictured below is a commissioned home portrait which involved taking some "artistic license".  This beautiful home sits on a very wooded lot, backing up to the White Clay Creek preserve.  My client wished to have the autumn foliage, and the creek in the painting.  The problem was that when the trees have their foliage, the house was hardly visible from standing down by the creek.  What I did was to take photos both in the winter...to be able to see the home, and in the autumn for the color.  The drawing involved removing a couple of trees, and slightly changing the angle of the creek.  Upon approval by my client of the sketch, I created this full sheet watercolor painting.  They love it!!!



Giving the gift of an original painting to your client is the perfect way to to be remembered and get your name out there! I will create a watercolor painting of the property, mat and frame it, plus create "We've Moved..." cards for your client! On the bottom of the original artwork's mat will be: "Artwork a gift from Your Name of Your Company", in small text. This keeps your name on thier wall for ALL to see! The fold over cards feature the artwork on the front, and inside the client's new address, with a text box on the top panel with your company name, logo and phone. When your client mails these out to their friends to give them their new address, it also gives them your information! Call or email me for pricing.


SPUMONI GARDENS....AND A LOVE STORY! Stacey commissioned me to paint this restaurant in Brooklyn, NY for her husband Allen as an anniversary present.  This was one of their favorite places to hang out when they were dating, and where Allen proposed to Stacey. I created this painting by doing some research on line and by watching their engagement video.  The restaurant is portrayed how it looked in 1992 when they got engaged, and I also included figures of them and their friends in the painting.  This was a wonderful and very thoughtful gift...Allen was greatly surprised!!


PET PORTRAITS:  Below left is a pet portrait with all three of this couple's pets. This was a gift from a husband to his wife. They are painted sitting and waiting for her at her favorite chair. This painting was created in watercolors. The cat painting on the bottom right was created using pastels.    The cat painting on bottom left was painted in watercolor, a gift from a mother to a daughter                                                            


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